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PB 4.04 "Eagles & Angels" + Invasion + Fic Community?

Hey. So. Just finished watching PB 4.04. I dunno, it was okay. It was, tbqh, exactly what I was expecting. After the craziness and emotional roller-coaster-ness of last episode, all I felt like seeing was a mildly entertaining caper with costumes and quips and a dash of suspense. And that's all it really was, so cool.

Um, all right, I guess I have some comments.
- Continuing to enjoy the parts with Linc, and continuing to be surprised by said fact. I liked when he scaled that building and disrupted the security feed, that was cool. And his little moment with Bellick near the end was nice, even though Bellick was irritating and boring for pretty much the whole episode. I like his position as a father figure on the team.
- I laughed when, at the end, Alex approaches Roland and Roland almost falls out of his chair in fright, and then Alex raising his hands to calm him down. I'm a little reassured that Roland won't be betraying Mahone, like, immediately -- I was worried after last episode that he'd get so sick of everyone pushing him around that he'd sell them out. And he still might, but I think he may have the gist of why Alex attacked him, so that may placate him for a while.
- Love Alex's shades and glasses. So sexy. Alex continues to be the hottest thing on screen. I feel like I'm reading a news report. This episode was dull. My favourite things about it -- i.e. Alex's sexiness -- are quite superficial.
- I actually loved when Michael said "But the ocean IS your backyard!" They finally let some of Wentworth's dorky (yet entertaining) sense of humour shine through. My only concern is that that WAS Wentworth. Wentworth just basically plays Wentworth. That's a little sad.
- T-Bag's story was actually one of my favourite elements in this episode. Yes, it was completely disconnected and jarred with the rest of what was going on. But what was going on wasn't that exciting anyways, so that's really okay. One objection: holy crap, cleavage much? I don't think I need to elaborate there. But god, woman, get a shirt that covers at least some of your chest.
- There's a good bit in the promo for the next episode where Sara returns to the warehouse and tells everyone about her new stalker, and Alex identifies him as Cameron's murderer. I'm glad he's getting that out there. I want to see people's reactions.

Hah, that's all. That's pretty sad. I'm trying to get into an online tutorial right now but the internet is pretty much dead. I guess it's a Tuesday thing. Lol, I'd laugh if it was because everyone was downloading Prison Break. That is exactly what it is.
Oh hay, I finished Invasion. It was pretty awesome, tbh. I mean, the special effects were crap and some of the actors were crap and the dialogue was occasionally unbearable and urgh god no more pregnant ladies please and everything that was explicitly ABOUT aliens soon got on my nerves... but I watch Prison Break, I'm used to tuning out the bad parts to get to the good stuff. William Fichtner is so much fun to watch as Tom Underlay. Tom's a nice break from chronically unhappy Alexander Mahone, with his sense of humour, snarkiness and general unflappability. My favourite episodes were (um, SPOILERS?) the one where Derek latches on to Mariel, the one where Tom kidnaps the kids (guh he is such a sexy motherfucker in the white shirt & jeans), the one where Tom and Russell fight (basically just for that scene, lol -- it was hot), and the last couple of episodes. Love when Tom and Russell shoot all those hybrid military-looking guys at the pier.
I've ordered MDs from TV Trader. Lol, the Fichtner addiction just cannot be cured, I know it. And I know that MDs has got crap writing and (some) crap acting, but whatever, it's WF in scrubs. You know I'm gonna devour it.
I wanted to make a general inquiry to those few people who read my journal. Last night, in the couple of hours between when Prison Break started showing on national television to when I finished downloading it, I was staying off the internet in mortal fear of spoilers. But, see, I was still being really lazy and I was still sugar crashing from a dessert dinner our rez floor had at Caffe Demetre's (I had a slice of Brownie Cheesecake... about the smallest thing you can get there, but still way too much for me). So I was searching for news on Huddy (omfg ep.6, I cannot wait) when I found a community called cuddy_fest . It's a community for fic about Cuddy -- well, also art, but mostly fic. And they have this huge database of plot bunnies and prompts for the artist there. So I plagiarized some of the prompts and bent them to my will and brainstormed like crazy, because I'm just cool like that. Most of them involve Alex and/or Pam, but there's also ideas focusing on some of my other random favourites, like Wheeler, Kellerman, Nika, Debra Jean, Jane, Lang, Sullins... I really do have a fondness for minor characters. So my question is, would anyone like to start a fic community with me? Just a small one, no obligations or strings, just an outlet for some creative ideas that I've had floating around. I'd love to see other people's plot ideas too.
Finally, I have a question about Alex's biography in the Prison Break Files thinger. I never had the occasion to read that, and I heard through someone else that apparently Alex has a brother? Peter, I think? I don't even know if he's supposed to be alive, or what. One of my plot ideas references him and I really don't know anything about him. Is there anyone reading this who has read Alex's mini-biography? I feel so uninformed.
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