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4.01 Scylla:
- Oh gods, the opening voiceover. Gag me. Am I going to hate Michael even more than I already do?
- ... yes. Yes I will.
- Gretchen is so fierce in those flashbacks. I hope she maintains her standards in bad-ass this season.
- Lolz, Alex and Gretch bitching at each other.
- I don't like Jimmy all clean-shaven. He looks weird. Gretch likes it though, apparently.
- I just noticed, Cress Williams is a *guest star*. Does that mean he's not sticking around for too long? Please, PLEASE let that be so.
- GUYS, THIS SEASON SUCKS HARD SO FAR. I mean, granted, I'm just five minutes in, but these five minutes have been awful tbqh.
- Love the disappointed look on Lief's face before Jimmy shoots him.
- Mike looks really fucking dumb holding a gun. It looks more like he's offering it to Jimmy than using it to threaten him.
- Jesus, Gretch, that slicked-back ponytail is *really* not a good look on you.
- I don't understand. Even if they got the card -- the REAL card -- how would they know if another duplicate hadn't been made? Then the information would still be out there.
- Ten minutes in and this ep still sucks.
- Oh my god. Sofia and LJ? SO CUTE. Inexplicably, that cutlery gesture of Sofia's just made me like her a whole lot more.
- Linc AND Sofia AND LJ are cute. Guys? I... I don't know how to say this. I think I'm starting to like Linc. Maybe it's just the contrast with Mike?
- I love the shot of LJ just before Mike hangs up. Marshall looks adorable.
- LMAO, the part where Bellick jumps up and down when he sees his mom, and then there is hugging and laughter? I was grinning like an idiot and laughing and clapping my hands. Bellick is so cute (*tears*). Also? Sucre + Bellick = BFFs, no lie.
- Wide-Eyed Michael is wide-eyed while checking the internets for Sara news. Also, why does he capitalize his urls? That's just plain odd.
- You'd think Mike'd know by now: 3.5Nando isn't Sucre, it's Alex. Always.
- Oh, the shades and the hat. ILU, Alex, for being the only man on this show with any survival instincts. Except maybe LJ, he's pretty sensible too.
- "It's good to see you," awwwww. Remember when Alex used to be a dick, and everyone else was nice? Times sure have changed. I think I like both versions.
- Why is Mike being so childish? News like that of Sara's whereabouts should be handled delicately, not hollered at the top of your lungs in a public place.
- I've been mispronouncing "Scylla". Silly me, I was saying it like "SKY-la", lol. Now I feel silly.
- Mike sure does like changing the subject to Sara.
- OH SHIT Jimmy's dead, lookit that. So why is he credited for 4.04? Unfilmed flashback, perchance?
- Wyatt reminds me of Frankenstein, or a zombie. Slow moving, slow thinking, and devoid of any sort of personality. He's not very professional, either. He should have checked Whistler's vitals, and disposed of the body. I can see that they're trying to duplicate the threat of Mahone in season 2, but they've taken away everything that actually made Alex threatening, and there's not a lot left.
- T-Bag looks hot in those shades and hat. Is it just me, or is his accent thicker? It's kind of grating on my nerves here.
- WOAH. This episode is moving incredibly fast. They don't linger on anything, you know? They don't pause for humanization. I'm hoping it's just a premiere thing, and that it will slow down. They have to work pretty hard to make everyone (including the characters, it seems) forget about season 3.
- Guys, Leon Rossum is a terrible actor. Why does he suck so much?
- As soon as I saw Pam, my hands flew up to my face in fear. I am so on edge right now.
- Hey lookit! Pam and Cam together. How cute. Pam's put on weight on her face, I must add. It's not flattering.
- "Don't say that unless you mean it," aaauggh there is something in my eye no I am not crying stfu.
- Linc+Sofia+LJ? Still cute. And Michael isn't here to make them look good by comparison. This is weirding me out. Sofia's vapidness is not bothering me at all. I'm finding it endearing. I'm forgetting why I hate Lincoln. What is happening to the world?
- AAUUUGH it's Pam. I'm am so freaking scared right now, you do not even know.
- I love the quick change of expression in Thorne's face from expectation to disappointment when she realizes it's not Alex at the door.
- Are you fucking serious with this Wyatt guy? He's TERRIBLE! He could be played better by a piece of plywood! This just proves that no good that come from stealing actors from Grey's Anatomy.
- Hyper-observant my ASS. Michael just stepped in front of a moving police car and almost got run over by it. Yes, that's apparently our resident genius.
- Omg yay, it's Phoebe's Cop Boyfriend Who Shot The Bird! Hi! Man, he's got a weird-ass voice. I dunno if I'm gonna be able to get used to that. He's cute, though. That might balance out. Also, I like that he patronizes Mike. *snickers*
- *bawls* Oh, my god, that was so heartbreaking and so... lovely. I definitely cried a little, even though I was braced for it. The hysteria in his voice when he yells at the cops to "stop", and then the look on his face when he drops to the ground, held up by a cop on both arms. That was brilliant. I wish it could've been longer, though. Also, more definitive. I wish we could know for absolute, no-question certainty that they are, in fact, dead.
- This lightning pace is so jarring. Since when is Sucre at the hospital? Has he seen Maricruz? Why does the baby look so old?
- I love Bellick so hard. Remember when Sucre was this show's comedy relief? Oh, how the times are a-changing.
- Lol, "boostin' car stereos aaand breakin' heads". Okay, I love this guy. BUT. I still like Lincoln, even when he said Alex could stay in jail. There is change in the winds, my friends.
- I like that they brought back Bruce Bennett. Hay, the PB writers know what continuity is! Sort of.
- Oh gods, the MiSa music. Excuse me while I go hurl.
- WTF? The music swells, MiSa kiss, we go on commercial break, then we come back, the same music swells, and then they kiss again in a new environment? I think you broke the romantic tension with that first kiss, there wasn't any to spare for the second.
- "I love you. That's all I know right now." AHA! I have solved it. Michael's obsession with Sara has wiped his mind of any previous genius-osity. Sara is why he's so dumb.
- Lol, wtf? This the third music-swells-and-MiSa-kiss moment in under a minute. This is not going to work if that's all the rest of this episode is.
- Hey, did MiSa do the nasty? Is that what we're supposed to think? When Mike goes over to Sara, he looks like he's wearing lipstick. Man, that must have been some terrifying sex if it's left her that jumpy.
- That line "... and I don't know how to deal with that," had a great delivery, I must admit. I know SWC's a great actress. She just doesn't compel me to feel for her character. Plus Sara's dull, which isn't helped by the fact that she may be stuck in what is looking to be the least fun relationship ever.
- Let's go! Let's run out one of the only exits in the building, which would have been covered by armed men if Wyatt was in any way competent! Weeeeee!
- The dialogue in this episode is really terrible.
- OH. MY. GOD. I have my belief permanently suspended for this show, but even I gotta admit this tattoo-removal thing is utter crap. Just completely ridiculous. Do the writers do this kind of insanely improbable stuff on purpose, is what I want to know.
- In this episode:
Alex > Bellick > Self > Pam > LJ > Lincoln > T-Bag > Sofia > Whistler > Gretchen > Sucre > Sara > Sister Mary Francis > Michael > Pad Man > Wyatt

4.02 Breaking & Entering:
- I don't understand why this Wyatt guy is supposed to be their best. He's so fucking dumb.
- "I've got an idea of where to start." "That's excellent, Alexander. See? There's a man who's thinking." It's kind of like the teacher's pet sucking up to the teacher, but I love that that's what Self turned the situation *into* -- Alex's intention was definitely not to impress Self. Self is quit competent at enforcing authority. Applause for Self. Also, Self doesn't look like a word any more. Also also, I love that he calls Alex, "Alexander".
- Mike's being more rational in this ep. Thnx Mike.
- Yay, Alex is being useful and competent and awesome! Look, everyone's impressed. I like how Alex seems to be holding back some emotion throughout all of that speech, like the death of Pam&Cam is constantly hovering in his mind.
- Does T-Bag just LIKE eating paper, or what is going on? Why is he eating the book? How will that help?
- Roland is really fucking irritating. That goes without saying. He tries way too hard, as does the actor who plays him. Though, you know... I hesitate to judge new characters right off the bat like this. Look at season 3 -- I abhorred Susan B. to begin with, and by the end of the season she was one of my favourite characters. I can't really see that happening with Roland, though.
- "He's a DOUCHE. Hey, why don't you sit in a corner, and we'll get you when we need you." AHAHAHA ty Linc. I could not have put it better myself.
- Mike and Alex's exchange in the car has the makings to be really cute and sad, until Mike goes and spoils it by saying nobody wants Alex there.
- Omg Alex and his pear mug. So cute. I want an icon of that, like, STAT.
- The guy who plays Roland butchers everything he's given. He wouldn't even survive in community theatre. Lord love a duck.
- Ahaha Sucre screaming in Spanish at the driver guy. Priceless.
- Hey, did you notice Dawn Parouse is now Dawn Parouse Olmstead? Guess she married Matt Olmstead.
- I love the scene with the car dealership. Self's such a bad-ass.
- I like the moment where it dawns on Teddy that he could eat Sancho. Also, I'm glad the cannibalism angle wasn't his idea. I expected it to be, so that was a welcome relief from the occasionally overpowering cartoonishness that is Theodore Bagwell. That yell of anguish as he's dragging Sancho towards the fire is some serious narm, however.
- Ew. Wyatt cutting his fingernails. Do the writers actually think this will give him personality? Oh, look! His fingernails grow, and he has to cut them! He's just like us!
- That's really sketchy. What kind of person asks to take a peek at some stranger's handbag?
- Yeah, T-Bag, that's what happens when you eat human meat. Human meat's not good for humans, Teddy. But then again, you managed to avoid dying from gangrene when your hand was chopped off and then stitched back on by a vetinarian, so you'll probably be okay.
- Oh lolz, the puns. A bad Mexican, indeed.
- I love the whole scene with the maid, Alex and Bellick to pieces. It is the best part of the episode, bar none. I love the awkward moment with Alex and the maid waiting for the bus, I love the chase, I love the comments about Brad's fitness afterwards, I love Alex's snappishness and I absolutely cackled when he said "sonuvabitch", which I swear he hasn't said since 2.20 "Panama". Good times.
- Wyatt's reasoning about the prison population makes no sense. What if he missed one or two prisoners, or he miscounted, or Michael and Lincoln are being kept in solitary confinement, which would make perfect sense since they are definitely a flight risk. Stupid Wyatt. I mean, he's right, but just by accident.
- Lots of love for Alex yelling at Roland. You tell that little bitch, Alex.
- Wow, Michael's already getting the headaches. They're not losing any time on this, are they?
- The conversation about the alarm system is really staged and awful. Sucre, Bellick, AND Sara all have additional information that piece together the whole story? Or do all of you already know this and you're just expositing for the sake of the audience? Neither option is much better. I'm glad Alex had no part in it.
- Linc's so wise in that conversation with Mike about their father and how he was always running away. It's freaking me out a bit.
- Aww, the look on Alex's face when he sees the picture of the cardholder's son, the way he gasps as if he's found it suddenly hard to breathe... *sobs*. I didn't like the effect they used to replace the son with Cameron, though. It looked way too fake. They should have just had a quick flashback to Cameron, like during the phone conversation when Cam was in the hospital.
- I like the scene with Teddy and the four-wheeler dudes.
- Okay, I may hate MiSa and all, but I love that bit about the Russian stripper. Hay, the PB writers know what continuity is again! Good to hear about Nika again... I honestly sometimes wish they'd bring her back, at least for a bit. Just to see what's going on with her.
- For a second, when Wyatt got that phonecall, I thought maybe he had a sick mother-in-law or something and she was taking tumeric and honey for it. That would have been hilarious and would have made me like Wyatt a whole lot more. You missed your chance there, writers.
- Nosebleeds already! Wow, that was fast. Also, for the rest of the scene I can't concentrate on anything because I keep staring at Mike's nose. It's very dsitracting.
Okeedoke that's it. Back with best quotes mebbe later.
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