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I'm All Packed...

... and not so much ready to go, but I guess there's nothing for it. I leave Monday for London; tomorrow I'm spending the day at my aunt & uncle's cottage in... I dunno, cottage country, don't ask me. I'll admit it: I'm sad. The kind of sad where you know you would feel better and less tense if you cried about it, but also know that you can't even start to get physically emotional about it. I'm anxious about two things: I'm anxious that a) my roommate will be a bitch, and b) that I will have to make too many compromises and lifestyle changes and lose everything that keeps me going. By that, I mean all the time-wasting recreational pursuits that usually fill hours of boredom: reading Terry Pratchett on my laptop, watching Prison Break over and over again, writing, making wallpapers, keeping up with news and old friends, both real-life and internet-y. All that stuff that fills in the spaces between doing, y'know, "worthwhile" stuff. And whenever I tell someone that I am anxious that I will have to mae too many lifestyle changes, they just say, "You will." YEAH THNX. That's why I'm anxious about it.
But enough about that. Some great Prison Break promo pictures came out today, and they made my life (see? This is what I am talking about. What will make my life in unviersity?).
Promo no.2: - OH MY GOD. BEST THING EVER. CAPSLOX. I think Mike and Linc have gone past the other side of ridiculousness, ricocheted around hilarious, and landed on a weird brand of cute. And... well, you know what I think about Alex. He could wear ANYTHING and he would still be one sexy sonuvabitch.
no.3: - People tell me that there are other people in this picture besides Fichtner. Personally, I've tried very hard to prise my eyes off of him, but can't quite manage it. I can see something fuzzy in my peripheral vision that resembles Amaury Nolasco, but I could be wrong. Just... guh. I may have to replace my Alex/Lang wallpaper with this, so I will remain uninterrupted in my praise of this version of Alex. I really don't understand how this guy can keep getting older, and yet get sexier every day. There should be some kind of rule. Not against it, to enforce it.
Also,  when I saw this picture, this is what my head supplied: "Guys. GUYS. We are eating dinner. Dinnertime is for civil conversation about our day. Not for... oh, for gracious sake. No, I don't care if you have to go annihilate a shadowy government corporation. No interruptions when we're eating. You can call them back." I know it's not a dinner table, and I have no idea who would be saying that, but right now I'm favouring Alex because he's the only one who doesn't look like he's about to spring out of his chair.
I tried to talk about these over at F_F,  which is what I would usually do, but Yahoo is taking forever to put up my posts and it's really hard to carry a conversation when what you say doesn't show up until what you've said is redundant. But that's okay, that's what LJ is for. Sort of.
I have to say, I am very excited about the degree of involvement that Alex Mahone will have in the coming season of Prison Break. He seems to be in a lot of the pictures and promo scenes and whathaveyou, and I'm taking it as a good sign. I don't like that in 4.03, he's supposed to be all batshit crazy with the revenge mission against Wyatt, with Mike & Linc worrying that he's losing focus. Worrying. I hate that. I'm sure Fichtner will deliver big-time whether Alex is being rational or batshit, but I don't like the idea of Mike & Linc having any sort of advantage when it comes to competence.
Um... okay, that's all. If I don't post for a while, it's because university killed me and ate me for breakfast.
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