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Alex/Lang Wallpaper

To replace the doom & gloom & general depressing-ness that is an Alex/Pam wallpaper on my desktop, I made an Alex/Lang one to replace it. I used a tutorial for some of it, cuz I'm a hack. Background texture by _iconographer. Click for biggerness, obviously. ETA: Okay, LJ has decided to not let me click for biggerness. Ergo, follow the cut for biggerness.

my sweetest friend

all for you

I know it's angstier than what you'd usually get from me, but I was listening to "Hurt" by Johnny Cash and this is what happened. That's, uh, where the lyrics are from, too. ETA: The lyrics for the second are from "It's All For You" by Sister Hazel. The first wall is 1067x800 and the second is 1280x800.
Tags: alex/lang, alexander mahone, mahone, pb season iii, prison break, wallpapers
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