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AUGH I'm drowning in spoilers heeellpp meeeeee

Hey, how about a big chunk of the script of Prison Break 4.10, "The Legend"? Doesn't that sound grand?
Right here:

... and because this is so epic, I feel the need to ruminate. I will now ruminate my ass off.
- OMGBBQ Mahone scenes ftw. He's such a BAMF I could die.
- Is it okay that David Baker reminds me of David Webb? Clearly, all Davids are as one.
- Linc calls Mahone by his first name now! BEST FRIENDS. Not even, but I don't even care.
- The beginning of Act Five is awesome.
- Hey, that's not cool. Bellick dies. Presumably in 4.09. Aw, it's sad because I just know Brad is going to be like A-Team's team teddy bear and everyone's loser kid brother and awwwwwwwww look Alex and T-Bag and Sucre and everyone are so sad!
- That whole standing on a bomb thing is dumb.
- I'm laughing at Mike right now, and am very aware that I'm not a nice person. Who laughs at someone who has cancer (extrapolating here, but that seems to be where things are going)? Funny, all those times I said his baldyness was starting to look more cancer-patient than anything else. Plus, you know the tumours are in his forehead, above his eyebrows. How else to explain it, really?
... Oh gods, I'm a terrible person.
- Why isn't Alex still after Wyatt? Has he been persuaded that revenge is not no.1 priority? Is Wyatt gone? After all, he's "generally on time" and appears to be missing. I've been thinking that it looks like Wyatt is Alex's designated bad guy to take down, so if anyone else does it I'll be pissed.
- I love how on page 35 it says Michael is "trying to be funny". Lol, even the writers think he's a humourless downer.
- Speaking of, I love that the writers have such terrible language when they're writing the non-dialogue bits. Unfuckingbelievable indeed, Self.
- HEY NOT COOL. If everyone goes back to prison, the vein in my temple will explode messily all over the place.
- I absolutely love that everyone's all concerned over the custody of "Brad's" body. Poor Wade Williams. I genuinely thought he'd be one of the characters to stick it out through the entire series.
- I like how T-Bag's speech version of Brad is such a cool, macho guy. It's weird, because it almost sounds like he's making fun of him, and yet it says that he reels and is somewhat overcome when he hears about Bellick.
- It's funny that the doctor thinks that Mike was wrongfully incarcerated. Well, in Sona, yes, but he actually did hold up that bank. He's guilty of that. Don't you forget it.
- I want to point out that Roland doesn't seem to be hanging with the A-Team anymore. I wonder if he gets away from Alex in 4.08 or what...
- Um... that's all I could milk out of it. I guess there aren't TOO many spoilers. But whoever let those scripts out really dropped the ball. Nice going.
I wanted to talk about my trip to Niagara Falls but the awful, terrible, no good, very bad news about 4.01 (I'll talk about that later) threw me off.
Niagara Falls strikes me as very American. And you can tell, when you talk to Americans there, that they almost forget that Niagara Falls is, in fact, in Canada. On the incline down to the edge, we talked to this American guy who couldn't understand where we were from until we explicitly said we were Canadian. Kingston, wut? Ontario? What is this place of which you speak? Lord love a duck.
All the places we went to were pretty classy, but it seemed that all the places we didn't go to were all the skeeziest spots ever. Like the Ripley's Believe It Or Not place and... well, actually I can't think of anything else. But it was skeezy. We went to Applebee's the first night and I had mac & cheese but it came in such a huge-ass bowl that I didn't even finish a third of it, and then this dumb-ass waitress actually scolds me for not trying hard enough to eat it. Like, can you screw right off now plz? You are not my mom?
Went to Marineland, and I really think I should go on more roller coasters. I don't know why I don't. The one I went on (um, Dragon Mountain or something?) was pretty fun, I have no idea where it stands in terms of thrills since, as I said, I don't ride a lot of roller coasters. I didn't go on the Sky Screamer because I wasn't keen on that last drop. Whatever, I am a wuss. I know it. Besides that, there's not a whole lot of stuff to do there if you aren't eight years old.
We stayed at a Radisson b/c we're cheap, but we got a falls view room which was awesome, and my dad & my sister wanted to watch the Olympics which was not so awesome. I got ridiculously excited because they had OTIS ELEVATORS OMG. You know I purposefully got off on the third floor and switched to the Otis elevator on the right and stared up the whole time, waiting for Mike & Linc to pop open the ceiling. Of course, I would massively prefer the company of Alex & LJ, but I'll take what I'm (not) given.
But then I got home and found out about Mahone's "devastating loss" in 4.01/4.02 and his whole revenge thing in 4.03, which I took to mean that I had to give up the charade and face facts: Pam&Cam are doomed. I was actually just torn apart, and cried quite a bit. But then I remembered back before season 3, when I learned Sara was going to die and I promptly jumped ship on MiSa and now can't stand it. So deluded I was.
My solution for mopeyness? I'm jumping ship on Alex/Pam onto a more seaworthy vessel, the S.S. Alex/Lang. ATF from F_F had the idea of Lang being in love with Alex (but not vice versa) and potentially being put in harm's way because of it, which I think is absolutely saucy and I want it to happen like woah. My only doubt about Alex/Lang was that it would not be classy for Alex to rebound. Problem solved.
I'm off to university a week from now, and I'm pretty much terrified of everything and really sad about leaving home. I'm going to fail so hard.
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