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Alex/Pam Walls & Banners & Stuff

Heeeey. So I made some wallpapers and banners and stuff, all Alex/Pam. They're not incredibly creative or original but whatever, they're pretty. Textures by ohfreckle. Apparently I am in huge denial about 4.01, but I think Pam might survive the premiere. I'll admit things don't look good for Cameron, though.

So... those were fun. I had a Prison Break Season 3 marathon at my friend's house. Then I walked home because I prefer sleeping at home. University is going to kill me dead.
I thought I might change perspective on PBS3 when I watched it on DVD, but that was not to be. I still feel the same as ever -- it's still basically The Alexander Mahone Show with a lot of occasionally amusing filler in between his scenes. Linc's still a dick, Danay Garcia is still a talentless twit, Michael still needs to get rid of his forehead tumours, Gretchen is still a BAMF and the best abs on the show still belong to Tyge, I don't care what anyone says. I'd forgotten how BEST FRIENDS Alex and Whistler are during the last couple of episodes, and it makes me a little sad to think that they won't be hanging out in S4. Also, the scenes with Lang, Sullins and Alex are still the Best Thing Ever. Even my bff, who isn't a huge Mahone fan, admits that if Alex wasn't already married (which, you know, he isn't, but I didn't want to spoil it), she would totally ship Alex/Lang. It's truuueee, they're so cute but I love Alex/Pam more so I am very conflicted.
Yeah. Okay. Peace... but, not literally. :D

ETA: Cellphone wallpapers! 240x320, cuz I have a MotoRAZR.

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