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Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog

Okay, I finally got around to watching Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog after seeing it alluded to all over the internet and I LOVE IT. Forget The Dark Knight, this is my favourite movie of 2008 so far. It is actually my favourite movie right now, full stop. Even though I guess it is really a mini-series and not a movie. Still. I kind of want to buy the DVD when it comes out even though I already watched it on the official website ( It's sweet and beautiful and hilarious and heartbreaking and made me laugh and cry and involuntarily clap my hands together in glee. I watched it at... lessee... I started watching at about 9:45 tonight and finished at about 10:30. It's almost two hours later, and I've gobbled up everything I can find related to it. Icons, fanmixes, banners... plus my wonderful new mood theme, made by drscompanion2 . Mood themes are a bitch to figure out. Well, not really, but it was all screwed up because my urls for the images were too long and they got clipped and I couldn't figure out why all the long-word emotions didn't have matching pictures and aaaaaaaaaarrrrghggh. Still, it's all good now.

I kind of feel bad for having avoided Joss Whedon stuff for so long because I had the misguided belief that his work is... well, you know, that geeks like it. And that was terrible and shallow and etc etc. I may finally give in and let my best friend force BTVS on me. And! Serenity, I actually started watching that movie, but it was too late and I didn't finish. I shall definitely give it another chance, especially since it's got Captain Hammer, Corporate Tool, in it.

In order to get my mood theme up I downloaded a new browser called Flock, which is kind of cool but I'm a bit wary of it. How come I've never heard of it before, if it's so excellent?

If you haven't seen Dr Horrible yet, GO DO IT NAOW.
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