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A Mini-Rant

Okay, here's the deal. I just have to get this out, because it's been irritating me a bit.

Am I the only one who's already really tired of Sara(h)? That is, Sara Tancredi and/or Sarah Wayne Callies. Because OH MY GOD TOO MUCH SARA(H). Season 4 has not even *started* yet, and I've already had quite enough Sara(h) to last me a lifetime. To a casual fan, Sara(h)'s exposure may seem perfectly proportional to the incredible circumstances of her return, but if you spend any real amount of time on LiveJournal, or really if you follow Prison Break news at all, you simply cannot escape the woman. She is EVERYWHERE. I cannot seem to visit an LJ comment page without someone sporting a Sara(h) icon, whether or not the entry has anything to do with Prison Break. If a set report comes back from The_Man, chances are that 75% of the questions asked are going to be about Sara(h). I have gotten to the point where, whenever I get the Prison Break Newsletter on my friends page, I skim through the icon pages for *something*, ANYTHING, that does not have Sara(h) on it. If it doesn't have Michael in it either, that's a real find, and if Linc's not present that's a good day for everyone. Sara's still got Linc beat in my books, though not by much.

I don't understand what's the big draw on her character, I really don't. She's one of the only female characters, yes, but on a He-Man-Woman-Haters club show where the writers have yet to create a compelling female regular with whom I am proud to share a gender (The guest stars aren't too bad -- I could have done with a lot more screentime from characters like Caroline Reynolds, Lisa Rix, Pamela Mahone and Her Holy Awesomeness Felicia Lang). She's half of the main romantic couple on the show, but it's a couple that has absolutely NO chemistry to speak of. To me, Michael always seems to want to make out with his male co-stars more than the smug dullard who's supposed to be his romantic interest. All I can figure that she's got going for her is that she's well-educated (NOT smart) and pretty. She's unspeakably dull, she's patronizing and sanctimonious, she's a monotonous downer who hasn't been remotely fun to watch since Gay Lance turned back into Paul Kellerman.

I miss like hell all those characters who, yes, have not been resurrected from the dead and turned into Prison Break's own personal Jesus, but they DO have stories to tell and are fun and interesting and make me laugh and bounce anxiously in my seat when they're in danger. Hey, guys? Remember Sucre? He was kind of a downer in S3, but he's still the most adorable thing to ever walk into Sona. And you know Whistler's leaving soon and taking his amazing abs with him, so how about we snuggle him a bit before he's gone? Or, wherever did all the T-Bag love go? He was always good for a few lulz. Or LJ -- who can ever have too much LJ? Or again, for the love of all that is sexy and interesting and BAMF, MAHONE?!

That is all. 

Tags: prison break, rant, sara tancredi, sarah wayne callies, swc
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