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Fictional Characters Meme

Does anyone know any good memes? Not audience-participation, the easy question-and-answer ones.
I had a lot of fun with this one, but I may have taken it a lot more seriously than it was intended to be. Also, Sam Vimes has overtaken Alex Mahone as my favourite fictional character.

First, select your ten fictional characters (from any medium) by whichever method you like best. Then answer the questions below.

1. Chandler Bing ("Friends")
2. Temperance Brennan ("Bones")
3. Lisa Cuddy ("House")
4. Jack Hodgins ("Bones")
5. Gregory House ("House")
6. Moist von Lipwig ("Going Postal", "Making Money")
7. Alexander Mahone ("Prison Break")
8. William Murdoch ("Murdoch Mysteries")
9. Samuel Vimes ("Guards! Guards!" to "Making Money")
10. James Wilson ("House")

1. Divide the list up by even and odd. Which group of five would make a better Five Man Band (like a Power Rangers team)? Who would you slot in each position: Leader, Lancer (second-in-command), Muscle, Smart Guy, The Chick? If you think the team would be improved by swapping one character between the even and odd groups, which ones would you switch?

Chandler, Cuddy, House, Mahone, and Vimes
vs. Bones, Hodgins, Moist, Murdoch, and Wilson

Any team with House, Mahone, AND Vimes is going to kick some major ass, no question. Team 1 wins in overall composition.

Team 1: Vimes is the Leader, Chandler is the Lancer, Mahone is the Muscle, House is the Smart Guy and Cuddy is the Chick.
Team 2: Murdoch is the Leader, Moist is the Lancer, Bones is the Muscle, Hodgins is the Smart Guy and Wilson is the Chick. 

As far as team roles go, Team 1 is more suited to their roles. Vimes is the best Leader, Chandler is the funniest Lancer, Mahone is the most kick-ass of the entire cast. Hodgins would have been a better Smart Guy, not so much because he is smarter than House than because House does not belong in ANY Five-Man Band. 

2. Gender-swap 2, 8 & 10. Which character would have the most change in their story arc? Which the least? Would any of these characters have to have a complete personality change to be believable as the opposite sex?

Bones, Murdoch, and Wilson... wow, these gender-swaps would actually be pretty easy. I think Wilson's story arc would change the most, simply because House's friendship defines his character a lot and, well, House treats women very differently than he treats men. He's still kind of effeminate though. I think Bones' story arc would change the least since she tries to ignore gender roles as much as possible. None of them would have to have a complete personality change in order to be believable, since they all have opposite-gender counterparts: Bones is pretty similar to Zack & Hodgins, Wilson would become Cuddy, and Murdoch isn't too different from his love interest Dr. Ogden.

3. Compare the matchups of 1 & 8 and 5 & 9. (Ignore canon sexual preferences for the moment.) Which couple would be more compatible? Which couple would be more plausible to people from either principle's home culture?

Chandler/Murdoch vs. House/Vimes -- wow, House/Vimes makes a hell of a lot more sense. I even sometimes picture Vimes as played by a scruffy Hugh Laurie. They're quite similar in vices and temperament and general attitude. Chandler/Murdoch makes no sense, especially because i) due to his upbringing and his father's eventual career and sexual orientation, Chandler is terrified of even being considered homosexual, ii) Murdoch is incredibly homophobic because of his religious background, and iii) Chandler lives in modern NYC and Murdoch lives in 1800s Toronto. Plus Murdoch would not get Chandler's jokes at all.

4. Your team is 3, 4 & 9. The mission consists of a social challenge, a mental challenge and a physical challenge. Which team member do you assign to each challenge?

The team is Cuddy, Hodgins & Vimes. I would assign Cuddy to the social challenge because of her administrative abilities, Hodgins to the mental challenge because he has handful of PhDs and is incredibly clever under pressure (see: 'Aliens in a Spaceship'), and Vimes to the physical challenge because, even though he is considerably older than the others, he thinks quickly on his feet and fights dirty.

5. 7 becomes 1's boss for a week in some plausible fashion. How's their working relationship?

Mahone as Chandler's boss? Oho, shit. Chandler is so doomed. Well, huh. Plausibly, Mahone would get impatient with Chandler's working habits and fire him within the day. But if they... no. No, Alex would fire his ass. There is no way around it. Remember Ives and Foley? Yeah, I thought not.

6. 2 finds him/her/itself inserted into 6's continuity. As far as anyone other than 2 or 6 is concerned, they've always been there. What role would 2 be presumed to have had in 6's story, and could they fit in without going wonky?

Bones in Lipwig's continuity? Nah, that would not work. At all. It would, as you say, go wonky. Booth drags Bones along with him as he investigates Lipwig on the murder charge of the Patrician, who has died and been burned in a fire at the palace. That's the best I can come up with.

7. 3 and 5 get three wishes. The catch is that they have to agree on all three wishes before they get the benefits of any of them. What three wishes would they make?

Shit, House and Cuddy? That's not fun at all. They're from the same show. I don't wanna do this question.

8. 1 and 2 are brainwashed by a one-time artifact that works even on people immune to mind control to attack and kill 4. They keep their normal personality, skills and competence level, except any Code vs. Killing has been turned off. Can 4 survive? How?

Chandler and Bones brainwashed to attack and kill Hodgins. Well, Chandler wouldn't be any threat to Hodgins, so it would be Hodgins vs. Bones, pretty much. Hodgins could probably survive by evading her in his private jets and whathaveyou... as long as they never got down to hand-to-hand combat, because Bones would kick his ass.

9. 6, 7, 9 & 10 must help an orphanage full of small and depressed children have a merry Christmas. Who does what, knowing that at the very least the kids will be expecting a visit from Santa?

Lipwig, Mahone, Vimes and Wilson at the orphanage. Lipwig would be great at entertaining the kids, and would make a great Santa. Vimes would probably donate every last penny of his considerable wealth, but he wouldn't deal with the kids one-on-one. Wilson would be good about going around to all the kids and talking to them one-on-one, solving superficial problems and perhaps even some health issues, and he would speak with the orphanage coordinators about the children's futures. Mahone would probably be really uncomfortable around the kids and not know how to talk to him, but he would pick one or two favourites and spend all his time sitting quietly with them, listening to Moist tell Christmas stories.

10. 3 and 8 are challenged to circumnavigate the Earth in eighty days or less, using only forms of transportation invented before 1900. Can they do it, or will they be fatally distracted by sidequests or their own personality conflicts?

Cuddy and Murdoch, around the world in 80 days. Oh, definitely, they could do it. Murdoch certainly has experience relying on outdated technology since he lives in a period preceding the 1900s. Anything he lacks, he would be very capable of inventing on the spot. I'm not sure how much use Cuddy would be, but her determination and focus would probably be an asset to the mission.
Okay... well, that's all.
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