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Haaay, so I'm gonna blog n' stuff.

You know what's cool? Numbered format. It's all the rage, dontchaknow.

1.   Yes, Mahone/Sara again. Why do I like them so? I cannot say. They make no sense, I know it. I hate Sara whenever she's around Alex, since it's like he flips this switch that turns her into an annoying, sanctimonious twit. Plus, Alex/Pam is still my otp. There just aren't many pictures of Callie Thorne around. Believe you me, if there were, you would never prise me away from Photoshop.

2.   Best thing evar? Lackadaisy cats. I'm in love with Mordecai, and Freckle n' Rocky are pretty damn awesome too. If you told me yesterday that I would love animated cats during the Prohibition this much I would say... okayshowmeawesome.

3.   I started reading Twilight. And though I did not finish it (all the school library books have a final due date coming up really soon, as it's the end of the school year, and I didn't want to get into something I couldn't finish) you just all CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Look, I'm going to lay it out really clearly for you all: It is not a good book. It is not a bad book. Know what it is? It's a normal young adult book. It's completely and utterly average. Granted, I didn't get that far into it, and there were a couple scenes that I laughed my ass off at (i.e. the whole school waiting in the hspital waiting room to see if that hot new girl from Phoenix they barely know is okay), but so far, it couldn't be more normal as tweeny-bopper books go. It takes itself way too seriously and is high on adverbs and long words and the main character is whiny and annoying and ungrateful and the witty banter is far too scripted, but look around if you think that isn't the complete norm in books/movies/TV/whatever. Now, if you guys had gone all crazy and attacked Dan Brown books when THEY were crazy popular, that would've been okay, because frankly, his writing is absolute piss.

4.   Sam Vimes makes my life. Next to Alex Mahone, he is the best fictional character in the history of making up people. I love my fictional guys old and dickish and stubborn and batshit crazy, plzkthnx. Also, I want them to be THE SAME PERSON. This will be accomplished by casting Bill Fichtner as Commander Vimes. In what? Well, not a film or TV show, because I don't want Discworld to be adapted that way, it will not translate properly. So, you know, don't ask me how. You know, you know how Bill Fichtner looks in The Longest Yard, as Captain Knauer? Like that, except with some stubble. He'd be absolutely perfect. I am attempting to read through Vimes' Discworld plotline chronologically, and have so far got to the middle of Men At Arms, but I'm a bit anxious because my local library was missing Jingo and Feet of Clay, so I may be screwed. Also, that scene in Men At Arms when Vimes gets drunk won't let go of his badge and Angua finds out where all his money is going, you know the part? Well, that made me sob like a baby last night.

5.   My kidney issue thingy came back, so I got some bloodwork done this morning. Put off a biology test in the process too, haHAH.

6.   Had my prom on Friday. It was blisteringly dull. I felt pretty and kind of retro with big, curly hair and a black-and-white dress. It took way too long to mingle and tell everyone they look priddy (mass announcement: YOU ALL LOOK PRIDDY) and then way too long to start the meal, and the food was okay but the cheesecake was gross, and then at 9 we finally started dancing but I wasn't feelin' it and some guy asked me to dance with him during the one and only slow song but I said no because I'm mean and he freaks me out. Well, you know, at the last talent show he did some sort of screamy-heavy-metal thing that frightened me to my very soul. And then I finally got into the music (it took Britney's "Gimme More", butofcourse) and then everyone left me to go to the after party but I didn't go because I don't like drinking and abusing drugs, thnxverymuch. And then I went home and had a green apple cooler and it was gross.

7.   Painted my room yesterday, it is a pretty periwinkle colour and my room shall be awesome beyond all belief.

8.   Yeah. Bye.
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